About Us


StartITup!, LLC was founded to help individuals and organizations achieve extraordinary performance by simultaneously exploiting synergies/relationships among seven demanding, interrelated, and poorly understood competencies: innovation, leadership, high-performance teamwork, vision, strategy, communication, and culture building.

We cut through the clutter, complexity, and confusion by guiding clients to take specific, coordinated actions that simultaneously innovate, lead, elevate teamwork, inspire vision to reach strategic goals, show appreciation, and clearly communicate their messages.

This is accomplished using our unique process Managed Independence™ that exploits these synergies.

The outcome is extraordinary!  Work forces that: are highly aligned, energized, and empowered to innovate; able to independently make decisions consistent with organizational values, mission, and vision; design value creation strategies to deliver new customer value through incremental and disruptive innovations; are focused on strategy execution and standards; build a positive, self-sustaining cultural spiral by showing appreciation for individual and team excellence and by celebrating organizational values and victories.


StartITup!, LLC strives to be the most trusted partner for the delivery of customized personal and organizational learning experiences that are highly relevant, memorable, and exceptionally effective in the context of the global, hyper-competitive, exponential economy.


We stand for integrity-ethics-honesty; transformative customer value; continuous improvement via innovation, learning, and feedback; collaboration with open and candid communication; respect for culture and the individual.


On leadership (from Kouzes and Posner):

  • Leaders make a difference.
  • Leadership is a relationship.
  • Leadership is everyone’s business.
  • Leadership is an aspiration and a choice.
  • The best leaders are the best learners.
  • Leadership development is self-development.
  • Leadership is a set of skills and abilities that can be learned.
  • Leadership development takes deliberate practice.
  • Leadership development is not an event; it’s an ongoing process.

Almost all of these statements also apply to innovation, high-performance teamwork, and communication! Trust is the foundation upon which competency with these skills is built.


Dr. Lynch is President of StartITup!, LLC. His passion is to help leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs create world-class organizations focused upon the creation of new customer value through innovation using his unique and innovative process called Managed Independence™. This objective is accomplished through organizational/situational analyses, coupled with customized or open enrollment workshops designed to meet key strategic challenges supported by follow-up coaching, mentoring, and data-driven assessments and feedback.

Previously, he was the first Vice President for Information Technology and CIO at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), achieving national-level recognition for excellence in IT services and infrastructure. As WPI’s first VP for IT and CIO, he inspired vision, used the Balanced Scorecard to set strategy, and led and managed staff in the Computing and Communications Center, Academic Technology Center, Advanced Distance Learning Network, Telecommunications, Web Development Office, and the Gordon Library.

Earlier, he was Corporate Vice President for Customer Services at Bolt, Beranek and Newman (BBN), and General Manager of BBN’s Advanced Data Analysis commercial software business. He also led the creation of a space surveillance system at MIT Lincoln Laboratory and performed medical research on hearing at MIT/Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary.

Dr. Lynch earned his M.S., Electrical Engineer, and Ph.D. degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering, and a B.S.E.E. from the University of Cincinnati. He has taught at MIT, WPI, Suffolk University and the Boston University Graduate School of Management.

His publications span the fields of physiological acoustics, hearing, expert systems, multi-processor based data acquisition and analysis systems, customer service, campus networking, library technologies, and IT Governance.

Recent StartITup!, LLC customers include Emerson College, Clark University, The College of the Holy Cross, entrepreneurs, and several early-career, corporate work group leaders and managers.